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Tech DSCS is a solution oriented out sourcing partner specializing in providing comprehensive IT solutions, from consultation to implementation, with a focus on leveraging the latest technologies to drive business growth.

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We are more than just an IT service company

We are architects of innovation,dedicated to reshaping industries through cutting-edge solutions, unwavering quality, and a passion for client success.Explore the essence of TechDSCS—a beacon of innovation and a trusted partner in your journey towards digital transformation.

TechDSCS envisions a future where technology transcends boundaries, empowering businesses and individuals with innovative solutions, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to excellence that shapes the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our Vision


TechDSCS is on a mission to deliver cutting-edge IT services and solutions, guided by a vision of transforming businesses through technological prowess. Explore our commitment to excellence and progress.

Our Mission



Business units are vital for any organization. They ensure that departments run smoothly and meet company goals. Communication and collaboration between units are crucial for success.

data management services

IT Services

Our professional IT Services ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Trust us for all your IT needs, from network security to cloud computing.

staffing services

US IT Staffing

US IT Staffing is vital for any organization's success. It involves hiring and managing skilled IT professionals to meet the company's technological needs. We are experts in US IT staffing and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

study abroad services

Abroad Education

We help students study abroad by providing expert guidance and support. Our team ensures a seamless experience, from program selection to visa and accommodation arrangements.

Manpower services

Manpower Services

Our professional manpower services streamline operations and maximize productivity. We provide tailored staffing solutions to meet unique business needs, helping achieve goals and thrive in today's market.

mobile app developing

Software Application Development

We offer a professional software development service that is customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Our team utilizes the latest technologies to create secure, scalable, and reliable software solutions.



BPS stands for Business Process Services. It refers to the outsourcing of non-core business functions to a third-party provider. BPS help businesses reduce costs, improve efficiency, and focus on their core competencies.

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Ensure the highest quality of your software with our comprehensive QA services, featuring advanced testing and automation techniques for flawless performance. Contact us today to elevate your software reliability and efficiency.


We provide exclusive services

staffing services


Tech DSCS offers staffing solutions, including US IT Staffing, Manpower Services, and Domestic Recruitment. We connect top IT professionals, provide reliable workforce solutions, and source talent at all levels to help clients achieve their goals.

digital marketing services

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing engages customers with a well-crafted message. Success requires understanding the audience and analytics. Stay up-to-date to.

robotics programming


Robotics revolutionizes industries. Skilled professionals design, build, and program machines. Join this innovative industry for automation, efficiency, and safety.


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